True North And Beyond: Atrea Vignettes Now Available On Wattpad!

Hello, all! ❤

Wow, it’s been a busy summer, and it’s only just begun. I am happy to announce that I have created a Wattpad account where I have posted the first installment of True North And Beyond, vignettes set in the Hearts of Atrea series. Just click here, and go read!


Jarin wants you to go read his vignette! 😉


You may be wondering, why Wattpad? I support both traditional and non-traditional publishing, though I’d argue the non-trad is not so non-trad anymore. Places like Wattpad, Tumblr, and other sites where people can generate and share content for free are a boon in so many ways, and encourage creativity, community, and fun. While I intend to continue my Atrea series as a novella series available to purchase through a variety of retailers, I love the idea of having a place where I can easily share free content with no pressure, and purely in a spirit of writerly joy and squee. I’ll share the link here on my web page, but I definitely encourage you to hope on by and check out what Wattpad has to offer.

In the meantime, I’m working on book two of the Hearts of Atrea series. I’ll just say, Brennan Hawke is in for one amazing (and sometimes terrifying) adventure and I cannot wait to share his story with you! Stay tuned for more!

I hope you are all well and thriving, happy summer, and wishing you all the best!


A Valiant Heart is available at All Romance E-books!

Hello, all! I think the title of this post says it all, but I’m happy to announce that A Valiant Heart is now available for purchase on All Romance Ebooks, a wonderful site that is the home of so many delightful preciouses. You can find it here at All Romance, and you can also buy this first in my new series from Amazon and Kobo.

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This week I’ll be creating some fun, steampunk-themed little prizes for an upcoming giveaway, and I’ve got bookmarks shipping in a matter of days. Swag for the win! I am making some good progress on book two in the meantime, and cannot wait to share more about that as the project progresses. Thank you as ever for stopping by and thank you especially for reading–wherever you are, I hope you’re having a lovely day!


A Valiant Heart Is Here!

Cover_Valiantheart_TwitterHappy Friday the 13th! I am thrilled to announce that A Valiant Heart is out today from Amazon Kindle and Kobo,  and I’ll be announcing other venues as they are live. Remember, you can sign up for my newsletter if you want to follow the progress of both this series and my work as AE Ash.

A Valiant Heart is the first in a series of magic-meets-steam-age, high adventure, diverse and sweet fantasy romance novellas. The Hearts of Atrea is a true labor of love, meaning, I have loved writing, planning, designing covers for, and inhabiting this series in every step of the process. Each volume will follow a different couple (though characters show up on one another’s books all the time) through a unique set of challenges and will celebrate a diverse array of love.

A Valiant Heart is the story of Naima Starsong, a combat veteran amputee who has vowed to herself never to be in debt to another as long as she lives. Talented mage and engineer Jarin Wright not only saves her from the brink of death, but forges a mechanical limb that promises to give Naima her life back. As Naima gains strength and returns to active duty thanks to Jarin’s ingenuity, she must learn to let go of her troubled past and allow trust to bloom into something even stronger. While Naima works to rebuild her strength and her life, Jarin readies himself with the rest of his Guild for the expedition that will strive to prevent attacks like the one that cost Naima her leg in the first place. The cause of the unrest is far more sinister than any of them know, however, and Jarin and Naima must again put their lives on the line to save the day.

My inspiration for the series is so varied and multi-faceted, just like I hope the novellas themselves will be. The past years spent gaming in sundry fantasy realms, a lifetime of reading wonderful female protagonists, a need for inclusiveness in romance and speculative fiction generally, and a desire to have fun, and in the process, give these characters their happily-ever-after’s are just a few reasons I’m embarking on this journey. The Atrea series is just the first step in world domination my new vision–there will be offshoot projects, among them a web serial (tentatively called Etherweir: Beyond Atrea) and a young adult series spinoff.

Thank you for stopping by and be sure to stay tuned for exclusive web content and extra materials, and for announcements about book two! In the meantime, it’s my fervent desire that you wander off to read A Valiant Heart, and that you enjoy the journey even a fraction as much as I have. All the best to you lovelies! ❤

Hello, World!

Thank you for finding the blog of romance author Elizabeth Asheford (known in other dimensions as A.E. Ash, writer of sci-fi, speculative fiction and poetry, and nerdy rants/reviews). Here you will find my upcoming Hearts of Atrea series, a fantasy/steampunk romance novella project, and so much more in the coming days. If you love sweet, dreamy, luminous and diverse romance, this is the place to be. I primarily tweet from my A.E. Ash account, @dogmycatzindeed but if you’re interested in my romance and young adult romance line, be sure to follow me here and on Twitter as @lizzieasheford. Thank you for reading, and may your hearts always find true north!

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